Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's been a busy busy time for us here! Where do we even start from to tell you guys what we've been up to?

After many weeks of planning and designing, we have finally started on our renovations! Look at the scene of destruction below, the hacking has begun and everything is in a mess but this also means that soon we will be looking brand new.

We have been running all around town looking for tiles, changing our minds every time we saw new ones we liked. And just as we thought we got it all down, Murphy struck. The only tile we were sure about, an antique wood-like floor tile, was apparently sold out and we had to start our search again. And I think we did good - we actually found something which we thought would be more special. You'll have to wait to see the finished place, but here's a sneak preview of our tiles. 

The tiles weren't the only things that worked out in our favour. We have been so blessed with people and friends who have helped us out just at the moment when we needed it, like our amazing espresso machine, a vintage Elektra Barlume. The moment we laid our eyes on it, we knew it was meant to be :) Can't wait for it to be put into action!

We also had a very interesting meeting with the people behind The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, a row of conservation shophouses in Geylang that have been remade into residential boutique apartments, each with a character of their own. There will be a series of art events held there in April to raise awareness of these shophouses before they get rented out to the lucky tenants who eventually get to stay there. There will be more events in May/June as the other units are completed. We might be doing something really special in one of the shophouses, so we are super excited! Plus to top it off, we are getting some vintage grills that were part of the shophouses that we had been searching for. Score!

All in all, it's been a really fruitful month, and Carpenter & Cook is slowly but surely taking shape. We can't thank our friends enough for all the support they have given us so far, THANK YOU!

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