Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Story

We knew it would be hard work when we decided to do this. Like setting up a bakery cafe wasn't tough enough, we had to add a vintage furniture store, and push ourselves even further by wanting to provide dessert tables, vintage props rental and event styling plus other random things (ask us!). What were we thinking??

Guess this is what happens when three girls from Singapore get together in an eclectic quirky city steeped in history and tradition, otherwise known as London. This is our story... *cue accordian music*

A year ago, Phoebe and Shenn started collecting vintage furniture for fun. They decided that it was so much fun that they wanted to make it into something bigger. And how nice would it be to fill a whole shop with these lovely vintage pieces and feed people with the delicious cakes and bakes that Shenn would make? So they asked their friend Eunice who liked to make things look pretty if she wanted to join in the fun to make the dream a reality and as they say, the rest is history.

Well, not really. The story hasn't ended yet and the most exciting part is just about to start! Our dream is to create a space that brings you back to the good ole days where letters were typed rather than emailed, when your only care in life was when recess was and if you’ll make it to the front of the queue of your favourite stall before everyone else, where you can have a delicious piece of lovingly made pastry or cake in an environment which celebrates individuality and creativity, and well.. feels like home. 

Everyday we are a little closer to making that dream a reality. We have just about finalised our design for the shop and will soon start our renovations. We have also decided what delicious things we want to put on the menu. And fingers crossed, we will soon have our coffee purveyor as well!

As you can see, things are about to get even busier around here :)


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