Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings: A Baby Shower!

Remember how we were looking for inspiration for some parties we had last week? Here's the first of them! We had quite a lot of fun styling this baby shower. It's slightly different from our usual vintagey floral style but nonetheless, lots of fun and dare we say, pretty fab! We selected a fun, bright colour palette of blue, green and yellow and jazzed it up with polka dots, stripes and other baby-related motifs. These iPhone photos don't really do justice to the gorgeous colours..!


Our regular partner-in-crime Picnic Sunday Cakes made the lovely cupcakes with a pair of fondant sneakers and iced cookies in shapes of onesies, baby bottles, pram! We sure hope the parents-to-be and their friends enjoyed themselves as much as we had fun putting it together :)

If you would like a C&C touch to your parties, get in touch with us!


  1. What a jazzy baby shower! Colors used are cute enough. My cousin arranged a teal blue theme bridal party for her friend. Hand painted boxes with fabric on tops was done as favors. Liked the entrance and interior wall paintings of New York venues with specialized centerpieces on tables. Clicked innumerable pictures.

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