Monday, July 9, 2012

We Love Mondays!

So what's happening with us these days? Well, Mondays are our official off days i.e. the shop's closed, so we actually have time to blog! This is the start of our weekly Monday posts, which we hope will make the start of your week more interesting.

In the last couple of weeks, we hosted a couple of events at ours. One group had a bridal shower, while the other had a baby shower :) We had the opportunity to decorate the place and make everything look pretty (something we really like!). We made a topiary, laid out all our prettiest vintage wares, made special place cards and even a corsage for the bride-to-be!

We also catered for birthday and made a huge cupcake cake, with lots of smaller cupcakes with pretty butterflies! Don't you just love the bunting topper?

It's been great fun coming up with ideas on how to wow our guests, and we love it when people have fun and leave C&C with a smile on their face :)

1 comment:

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